Frequently asked questions

Yes, we are hardware agnostic and will work with most cameras on a market. If you have already invested in a high end video monitoring system, Traces AI can be easily integrated into your workflow and be the last solution you will ever need.

Our system requires a reliable broadband connection to provide you the best service but it is also tolerant to short network disruptions.

The cost of systems depends on a number of cameras and customer's specific needs. We have volume discounts starting from 1000 cameras and support custom plans for setups with at least 8 cameras.

Traces AI doesn't use Face Recognition or any other techniques that violate people's privacy. We use only fully anonymised data in our platform.

Our solution can be integrated with as small as 8 cameras network.

Our ultra scalable solution has no hard limits on the number of cameras connected. If your network consist of more than 1000 cameras we provide volume discounts. Contact us for additional information.

We are using proprietary auto training system that automatically adapts to your camera setup. If after 60 days you are still not satisfied we will reimburse your payment. Another good way to try our system with your camera setup would be to launch guided pilot.

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